Lea Michele’s debut album “Louder”


After bumping into an advert for her first album in pretty much every website I normally visit to get my gossip or latest news in music I decided to downloaded and listen to it.

I have lost interest in “Glee” many seasons ago and even when I used to watch the show, Lea’s character Rachel always got on my nerves with that nasal voice, a terrible attitude and a face that makes you want to punch her very hard, so for me it was hard to sit down and listen a whole album just with her voice.


The album “Louder” has been released a little while ago in most countries but here in the UK it’s out today.

So, I pressed play and pray to goddess Beyoncé to help me…LOL

I have to say the album is not what I expected. A sort of nice surprise. But still doesn’t live it up for its title “Louder”.

All the fourteen tracks are well produced and all that jazz, if you know what I mean… but they aren’t loud enough.

Most tracks sound very similar to each other in many aspects.

The only track that stood out for me was a track called “Burn With You”, the rest it sounded like one long track.

I could easily imagine a whole episode of “Glee” where Lea/Rachel could sing every track that is on the album.

But it is not all bad, here are some very good points about the album:

  • Is not made of cheesy pop songs
  • The tracks are not like musical theatre tracks
  • Lea Michele’s voice actually sounds ok, natural and she doesn’t belt note after note.

It is an ok album, nothing that we haven’t heard it before but if you are a fan you might get a bit disappointed.

I’m not buying it…. but good luck for her.


The first single was “Cannonball” and I got one word for it: DREADFUL!!!


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