Lindsay Lohan and her sex list!!!


The star and our eternal “Mean Girl” is once again causing a fuzz in the media and taking over the tabloids headlines after “IN TOUCH” magazine released a list with the names of famous men who she had sex with.

The list is quite interesting since it has a variety of super sexy celebrities and some (at least to moi) unknown and ugly guys that I’m struggling to believe that she went there!!!

According to some tabloids and internet sites the total number of the list is around 36 but so far only 20 names are available.

So, here we go, let’s check it out:

1-Justin Timberlake (He gets better as he gets older…)

2-Heath Ledger (Sadly is not with us anymore but he had his cute looks)

3-Joaquim Phoenix (Very sexy and attractive…)

4-Lukas Haas (Famous who?)

5-Evan Peters (Not very famous, I know nothing about him and would love to keep it that way)

6-Garrett Hedlund (Woof…Woof…)

7-Adam Levine (Give me Mr. Levine anytime…Yes pls!)

8-Wilmer Valderrama (Not so bad…)

9-Zac Efron (Still too young for my taste but in 10 years he will be spot on…)

10-James Franco (Yes, please mam…)

11-Colin Farrell (Hell YEAH!!!)

12-Nico Tortorella (Who?)

13-Jamie Dornam (Quite cute but never heard of him…)

14-Max George (Looks like a player but also looks like he’s hot in bed!)

15-Danny Cipriani (If only he was tall…)

16-Stavros Niarchos (Again, who?)

17-Asthon Kutcher (I pass, he looks boring and dull.)

18-Ryan Phillipe (God yes! Absolutely gorgeous!)

19-Orlando Bloom (Nop, can’t find anything about him sexy…)

20-Benicio Del Toro (Oh, come on…seriously?)


I love “LiLo” and I am very proud and a bit jealous for some of the “achievements” but very disappointed for some others…

What was she thinking??? Some of those guys are so ugly!!!

Well, I will keep my focus on the hot ones and let my imagination fly away… LOL

Let’s hope the full list is soon revealed and I’m curious to see what will happen next because a shocking list like that cannot be put under the rug and forgotten.

I’m sure more drama is bound to come!!!


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