Lisa Stansfield – 7 – The amazing return of a diva!!!


This album marks the return of one of the best singer of the 90’s and what a way to come back!!! It took a while for the album to get released but the wait was worth it. Lisa Stansfield is just fabulous!!!

I got to see her live a few months ago and during that tour she was still deciding on the songs to put on the album and still testing a couple of tracks by playing them and observing the crowds reaction.

The release date changed a couple of times but finally “Seven” it’s available.

This album has great songs in it and it’s Lisa Stansfield doing what she knows best, singing from the heart, with great production and soulful track “Seven” it’s an album that fans of old-school good music cannot miss.

In my opinion the new album has a similar sound to her 1997 album “Lisa”, album that I absolutely love.

With classics like “The Real Thing” and “Never Gonna Give U Up” that album was the starting point for my admiration for Lisa Stansfield.


“Seven” has on its credits John Robinsony that collaborated with Lisa and as orchestrator is Jerry Hey both are big names in the industry having being the producers of Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”, “Thriller” and “Bad”.

That is enough to make my point of how good this new album is it.

The first single was “Can’t Dance”, a track with a great vibe, that it makes you want to dance, Lisa’s vocals are great and the sound is very soulful.


You find heart-felt ballads and up-tempo track throughout the album and it is just amazing.

I love her voice in the ballad “Stupid Heart”, it sounds emotional, vulnerable and powerful.

The second single is “Carry On”, a feel-good and soulful track. Very glamorous. Very Lisa Stansfield.


If you like real, soulful and glam music I recommend you to get “Seven” the new album of one of the best singers ever, that has a career for over decades with massive international hits.

“Seven” is music of 100% quality!!!

You want realness?????

Buy “Seven”!!!!!!

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