Lorde Live at Coachella Music Festival 2014


Since Lorde appeared on the scene and started to take over the charts I wasn’t so sure what to make of her. She’s only 17 years old, a bit goth and weird but then at earlier this year when she performed at the “Grammy’s” I was really impressed but still not connecting with her vibe, until I watched her set at “Coachella”. I’m at her feet!!!

The girl “killed it”but I mean, her set was perfect from beginning to end, or like Lorde herself said: “This is so mental” and sure was.

She got on stage not long after 8pm and throughout the 45 minutes she was on stage Lorde was the one in control of the crazy crowd that couldn’t cheer her more even if they tried.


It was transparent that Lorde was super happy for playing on the main stage of one of the most important music festivals, she looked happy, relaxed and great-full as she thanked her fans several times.

“This is actually the first big thing I ever booked” a humble Lorde tells the crowd.


The stage was very dark which worked amazingly well with her vibe, her songs, her performance style and alongside her on stage was only a drummer and a keyboard player, not having a guitarist just gave her songs a bigger sound, the songs became more powerful.

Her vocals were perfect, Lorde “nailed it” on every song with a real, raw and strong voice.

All dressed up in white and with the wind blowing her big/thick hair, Lorde looked like she was floating.


The energy it is obvious just by watching her set on Youtube. The crowd sang along, danced and it felt like Lorde was performing to her friends.

I loved it and I can’t stop watching it.

I can’t find one single fault on her performance.




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