Madonna brings out “MDNA – Skin Care Line”


If you want to have a skin like Madonna’s you are in for a treat as the Queen of pop is releasing a range of skin care products called “MDNA” on which features a variety of components, like a skin rejuvenator, a chrome clay mask and an exclusive serum for the product.

I think it is a bit ironic that Madonna is getting into the beauty/cosmetic business taking that her own skin haven’t been looking the best in recent times.

Sorry, but the last few videos I’ve watched of her, such as the Grammy’s or even the one when she attended the opening of one of her gyms I think it was in Canada, she looked dreadful and old. She even looked like that she’s been having more than just spa treatments on her face (if you know what I mean), specially the cheeks. OKAY….


The line will be available in stores only in Japan and so far there are no dates to when other countries will also sell the products.


To promote her new business adventure, Madonna shot a promo ad and let me say, the video it is a bit scary and off-putting. It is dark, slightly morbid and in my opinion totally unappealing to woman.

The video is almost aggressive if I may say, it show Madonna holding a cane inside a hot tub, mumbling words in the background, touching herself and even making the gun thing with her hand while the sound of a gun-shot plays to finish the advert.

The whole concept it seems a bit over the top to me. It’s too serious for a cosmetic advert.


I wish that Madonna would lighten up a bit, the witch looks and vibe are getting a bit too much for my taste and I’m pretty sure more fans agree with my opinion.


If you don’t believe me, check it out the promo ad for “MDNA-Skin Care Line”:


It does have that vibe and tone that it is popular in movies in Japan so, maybe that’s the aim she went for it but I still think it is a bit strange and if she does brings that line to Europe or America she better make a new promo advert.

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