Madonna have been working hard on her new album with Diplo


Madge continues her campaign to drive us crazy and anxious about her much-anticipated new album that she’s been working really hard with some of the hottest producers in music now.

Once again she posted on her Instagram account a couple of pictures to tease the fans and update us on the latest new about the new album.

On the first picture the caption was “Working with @Diplo got me like……………….WHAAaaat?”


A couple of hours later another picture had “Diplo is a slave driver! Got me working all hours of the night in the studio.

Had to sneak into the bathroom!” as the caption.


Diplo is just one of the best dj/producers ever!!! His music is just incredible, the guy is a genius.

Is time Madonna stop being “shady” and put at least one single out to give us a taste of what is to come hopefully very soon.


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