Madonna joins Miley Cyrus for “MTV Unplugged”


Miley Cyrus is the “shit” at the moment and she’s not showing any sign of calming down anytime soon. After a few years off bosses at MTV decided to revive the good old “MTV Unplugged” and who did they choose to do the honours??? Yeah, Miley Cyrus…

The pop sensation have apparently recorded the show and according to rumours all over the internet, the whole thing was interesting to say the least.

I’ve been on a mission to find any information and apparently the stage looked like a barn, she wore some very colourful outfits, had midgets on stage with her, a hot dog or a banana, all of that circus made me not sure…

But the best and almost unbelievable is that on her first ever “MTV Unplugged” Miley had as a guest the Queen of Pop, yeah!!!


Madonna sang a mash-up of “Don’t Tell Me” with “We Can’t Stop” with the teenager.

Both wearing cowgirls outfits, looking like they’ve been friends forever, very comfortable on stage.

Is the only video I found and to be honest, is the only one I really wanted to watch.


At first I thought it was weird and that they sounded and looked rather bad but as I watch over and over my opinion changes and now I think is cool.

Two completely generations of pop music royalty, both “killing it”!!!

Here it is:


The fish has been served and I’m loving it!!!


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