Madonna posts lyrics of new song and get special treatment in NYC’s court


A few days ago, Madonna finally posted on-line a couple of bits ‘n bobs of what she’s preparing to release anytime soon and yesterday (Monday, July 7th) she performed her civic duty, after being called for jury duty.

Well, to be more specific, Madonna didn’t perform her jury duty, she was released after two hours and the reason given by the courts official spokesman was that they had more than enough jurors to fill the needs of the court.

And we all know that, whatever Madonna does, controversy is only around the corner. In this case, what is making people talk is the fact that Madge showed up in the Manhattan Supreme Court half-an-hour late, with three policemen and two bodyguards (REALLY???), two court officials and an assistant.

The “Queen of Pop” also have the privilege of not having to stay in the commoners room with the other member of the jury, but stay in the clerks room.

She also took a picture inside the court, posted on Instagram and the buzz was created!!! Talking about being a queen han???


So now, the question that everyone is asking is “WHY WAS MADONNA RELEASED IF THEY HAD ENOUGH JURORS AND NOT ONE OF THE OTHERS?” Reports are that, she was released because her fame could have affected the case. What do you think???

On a more cultural note, have you seen the latest update on Madonna’s new album???

Madonna uploaded yesterday (July 7th) the lyrics of a new song called “Messiah” on her Instagram account, that follows the picture and video uploaded on July 1st and July 2nd , the first one was a picture of the sheet music of “Messiah” and the second one was a short video of an orchestra recording the music for “Messiah”.


The lyrics are deep and very intelligent, our curiosity keeps growing and we cannot wait for the first single to be released.

Stay tuned for more about her Madgesty!!!

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