Madonna posts new pictures from Malawi


The “Queen of Pop” is back in Malawi doing some more charity work and she’s been using Instagram to share her time in the African country with the world and we’re loving it!!!

Since yesterday, Madonna posted a few brand new pictures on her Instagram account and in some of the pictures we can see a different side of the diva.

While we are all her waiting for her new album, people are leaking some of her new material, our queen is doing something good to the world and spending time with her kids.

Madonna poses with a bunch of kids and teenagers in front of what I believe is a school where they can learn breakdance. In her Instagram post, Madonna denies to have anything to do with the dorm’s name.


Then we have a candid moment in between mother and son. He’s growing-up so fast, he looks nothing like that tiny boy from the “I’m Going To Tell You A Secret” documentary and I have to say that he’s not growing-up to be good-looking isn’t he???


Madonna also had a meeting with Malawi’s new president, it was a meeting of the minds she said.


It’s so heart-warming to see people like her doing lots of good things to the ones in need!!!


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