Madonna – “Secretproject – An Art For Freedom Project”


I can’t hide the “T” so here it is what I think about Madonna’s new shocking project.

My precious and beloved Madonna aka “The Queen Of Pop” is making headlines everywhere with a 17 minutes short-film on which she co-directed with long time friend Steven Klein and as usual, some people love it and some people hate it.

“My goal is to show by the example of secreprojectrevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression… I want my film to give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression and intolerance.” Says Madonna about her much teased and much awaited project.


The film it was designed to fuel free speech all around the world and the final material is a 17 minutes long short-film that it was filmed in all black and white that shows Madonna and the dancers from her last tour “The MDNA Tour” in very dark and morbid situations.

With dancers being shot, telling compelling stories through their dance moves and even having a prison cell as part of the plot, Madonna is the star of this video that shows a tormented and repressed world. She whispers and sing verses from famous artists from past centuries.


The edition and styling of the short-film are up to very high standards. It looks glossy, like a magazine advert or even what it might be in its essence a very artsy piece of art.

Not long ago, when this project was only being teased but with very little, close to none hints of what it would try to achieve I went to a charity concert where a very passionate and determined Madonna gave a speech in front of a whole stadium asking the world to join her revolution. “I want to start a revolution, are you with me?” Madonna shouted to the crowd.


I obviously downloaded the video and the interview that comes as an extra and knowing what it was created for I give Madonna all the credit in the world, I applause her for trying to open people’s minds and change things for the better using arts and not guns.

But at the same time I think that the whole video is rather showy and narcissistic. As I watch the video more and more, including the interview all I can see is an aggressive, borderline angry woman who has a lot of ideas and is doing all she can/wants to express those ideas.

During the interview Madonna gives the impression that she’s running for president or something, she’s very opinionated but yet, very passionate. That’s where she gets my total support.


Some critics are slating the video and calling her all the names out there with some even saying that she’s using her pop icon status to promote herself around some very serious topics.

Yeah, she’s a pop singer but she has opinions and valid points, so just let the woman use her status to at least try do something good for a world/society that seems to be going backwards instead of forwards.

If politicians are not doing much let the pop stars take control I say…

Here’s a link for the trailers:


But I would download the full short-film if I was you!


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