Madonna shows off a hairy armpit


Madonna has posted on her Instagram account a disturbing picture of herself wearing a revealing bra and an awful hairy armpit.

The awful picture had the following sentence: “Long hair…Don’t care!”


I was in shock!!! Is Madonna now going to try the androgynous “thing” again or what???

The small patch of hair looked disgusting and strange, maybe she has gone completely crazy I thought for a second but then I decided to search on the internet more information about that crazy picture.

Surely that would have lots of websites talking about it and I wasn’t wrong, after a few minutes of reading one page or another I discovered that the hairy armpit picture was taken during a photo shoot that Madonna was doing for “L’uomo Vogue” on which she wears masculine clothes.


Thank God it wasn’t the case of insanity… if it is for fashion I can forgive her.

Crazy bitch!!!


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