Madonna tells haters to “SHUT THE FUCK UP”!!!


In the past few days Madonna has got some sort of bad press just because she like to express herself.

The leader of the French far-right Front National party called Madonna “Granny Gaga” and told her to stay away from politics because she knows nothing about it.

The latest is that Madonna is being sued by a beauty and fashion company called “Hard Candy” for using the name “Hard Candy” to sell exercise DVDs and clothing since 2011. They want compensation and that Madge stop using their name.

Obviously, all of this caused a huge buzz in the media and everyone is talking about the “Queen of Pop”.

Some good and as always some bad, but Madonna is not the one to mess with and she speaks her mind when she wants.

Madonna posted a picture on her Instagram account with the caption “YOU ALL NEED TO STOP TALKING SHIT! NOTHING GOOD TO SAY? #shutthefuckup #unapologeticbitch” about two hours ago.


In my opinion the caption on her Instagram latest picture is Madonna’s way to let the haters know how she feels.

You tell’ em Madge!!!


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