Madonna is the “World’s Richest Recording Artist”


Madonna “the pop star” is back, until a few days ago we were watching the “charitable” Madonna, now she’s on full “Queen of Pop” mode and since then, a couple of new songs leaked, her recent outrageous magazine cover is shocking the masses and the latest news is that Madonna is the richest recording artist on the planet.

In what some people are calling a marketing move to create the right buzz around her 13th album that should be released earlier next year, Madonna suddenly is making polemic headlines one after the other.

We love it!!! We were missing that Madonna.

A list showing the “World’s Richest Recording Artists” is out and within the top 10, you see the likes of Beyoncé, Elton John and Celine Dion, but our “Queen of Pop” can be found where she belongs, at the top.

Here’s the full list:

2014 World’s Richest Recording Artists

1 – Madonna $800 million

2 – Paul McCartney $660 million

3 – Dr. Dre $650 million

4 – Diddy $640 million

5 – Celine Dion $630 million

6 – Bono $590 million

7 – Mariah Carey $520 million

8 – Jay Z $510 million

9 – Elton John $450 million

10 – Beyonce $440 million

I’m not sure about how reliable is that list, to me, some of the numbers seem a bit off but that’s just my opinion.

Rumour has it, that Madonna is a billionaire, is it true??? I don’t know, but one thing I’m very sure about it is that Madonna is the BIGGEST POP STAR EVEEEEEER!!!


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