Mariah Carey is seen wearing a designer gown while playing with her kids in a NYC park


A diva enjoying some time quality time with her beloved children in a park around Manhattan on a sunny day. Nothing wrong with that right, you spot her and carry on but when the so called “DIVA” is wearing a “frecking” designer gown, you have to go WTF???

If wasn’t enough that not long ago she took the subway/tube in NYC on her way to a gala wearing a long and sparkly dress while looking a bit “cray cray”, well….

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!!!


Yesterday (Monday 2nd of June) Mariah Carey had all eyes on her when she was simply playing with her babies in a Manhattan park.

She had high heels on, the Madonna gloves as if she was going to the “frecking” Grammy’s!!!

She even posed for pictures with fans while in the park!!! Seriously?!?!


I don’t get it… What is this all about???

I know that she must be feeling very upset with the sales of her new album but that’s no excuse to wear the wrong outfit at the wrong place.

Is Mariah Carey trying to tell us something?!?!? Hummm….


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