Mariah Carey – “You’re Mine (Eternal)”


All worked up in candy and sweetness Ms. Carey wants to make of us all a bunch of diabetics lambs with her new single, but so far our healths are safe if we follow the main charts ( those being the Billboard and the UK Official charts) where the numbers are more sour than sweet.

The track “You’re Mine (Eternal)” is the first single from her upcoming album and it out just in time for Valentine’s Days.

She’s already on work mode to promote the song and gave a rather classy, sexy performance at the “BET Honours Awards 2014” wearing a very revealing but still glam dress while laying on the top of a piano.

The song feats the sexy Trey Songz that probably is the most sweet part of the whole thing.


Her vocals on the track/performance were impressive (if they were live) and gave me some hope that the old and real Mariah is still somewhere there underneath all the make-up, cleavage and attitude.

The song is nothing too impressive, it has a 90’s Mariah feeling which is a great thing!!!

In the UK the song opened at number 87 on the “UK Singles Charts” and 16 on the “Uk R&B Charts”, while in America opened at number 88 on the “Billboard Hot 100”.

Let’s see if Valentine’s day helps the diva rise on the charts but if not, maybe a good video could help to turn things around…

Hopefully the video will be out soon!

Here’s the video of the BET Honours Awards 2014:


And that’s a preview of the big release coming soon:


We shall see what’s going to come out !!!


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