Mel B keeps her “spicy” figure by “twerking”


Last week Mel B posted a picture with her personal trainer on her Instagram account just before the two ladies started the “twerk” workout.

Mel’s personal trainer, Lexy Pantera (is she a pt or a drag queen?!?!) is the one responsible for Melanie’s hot body and she makes the singer “twerk” to the maximum and have some fun while doing it.

On Thursday (April 10th), Mel B posted a video of the rather sexy workout with the following caption: “GETTING MY TWERK ON” and she looked like a professional, putting Miley Cyrus to shame.


And to prove that she’s been working really hard and the “twerk” workout gives good results, Mel posted a “selfie” wearing a tiny bright pink bikini that showed how “sickening” her body is looking.


Mel B still looks amazing, fierce and spicy even after a couple of kids and with a crazy work schedule.

She ain’t “Scary Spice” anymore and it is now “Fierce and Fit Spice”.


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