Met Gala 2014 – The got to haves and the make it stop!!!


Monday night was a busy night for some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment as they all got together for the annual Met Ball in NYC. Names like Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Campbell were just some of the celebrities who walked the red carpet of the event in some fabulous fashion, well some of them of course!!!

From Dita Von Teese to Amy Adams, the red carpet at the charity event served as the stage for a fashion show that had a lot of ups and a lot of downs.


The main colour was white, followed by earthy tones and some bright pink and red.

Some celebrities did an amazing job wearing some beautiful gowns, very classy and poised and others looked a right mess including a couple of divas that I never thought that could get things wrong.

I open things with Charlize Theron, looking like a million dollars and pure Hollywood glamour;  then Emma Stone in beautiful shades of pink and red looking modern and striking, the actress is becoming a fashionista and has stolen the show in every red carpet event that she attends;  Following Stone is Jessica Alba looking like a diva, a mom, a woman in charge of her destiny.


Divas all the honey!!!

Here we have Idina Menzel giving “extravaganza eleganza” in this massive white and dreamy gown, her only downfall was how white almost ghost like she looked;  “Gossip Girls” stars and confessed fashionistas Leighton Meester and Blake Lively were “pure realness” in off the runaway couture.


You gotta love them girls!!!!

I loved Kylie Minogue’s look, so glamorous and sweet. The supermodel Gisele Bundchen was serving sexuality all the way, that black dress was just FIEEERCE!!!

I wasn’t very impressed by Victoria Beckham’s dress because it was quite simple and rather boring but she made it work, of course when you are VB even a bin bag becomes a high-fashion gown.


Now let’s move to the dark side of the red carpet, starting with Sarah Jessica Parker and her ridiculous dress that it was huge and it reminded me of the wedding dress worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the movie;  I love Rachel McAdams but she was a disappointment, her whole look was very boring and dated, at first I thought that she bought her dress at the Jennifer Aniston wardrobe car boot sale;  And then we have Kirsten Dust but I won’t bother write anything about her because just her picture says a million words!!!


Even the best ones have their day-off. At the end of the day, they are all humans!!!

Another fashion icon who got it all wrong was Naomi Campbell with that white ensemble that she got it from her grandmother;  One that got things really wrong was Rita Ora, she was a mix of styles with random fabric and a not flattering colour at all;  And my heart stopped when I saw Beyonce walking the red carpet in that horrible “Elvira” inspired look, I couldn’t believe that I was putting my Queen B on the black list of the event because Halloween is not until October.


Before I close the library, I have Katie Holmes in a “Beauty & The Beast” inspired look, she was trying to play both characters of the Disney classic movie LOL;  The next and last two ladies don’t deserve my energy since they didn’t put much effort in their looks by basically grabbing random fabrics and putting a belt around their waist to hold everything up, Kim Kardashian and Lea Michelle won the “make it stop” trophy!!!


I love the red carpet events and the fun that they offer!!!

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