Michelle Williams releases video for “Say Yes (Feat. Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland)”


The sooooo talked about DC3 “reunion” for Michelle’s new music video finally got released and it’s proving to be a hit all over the web and social media.

“Say Yes” is Michelle’s new single taken off her new album, “Journey To Freedom” that is set to come out in September.


Michelle has revealed the album cover earlier today on “Good Morning America”, when she also premiered her new music video.


The video shows the girls having fun and dancing to the cute song, that is a modern take on a Nigerian religious song.

I’m not into religious songs but Michelle’s new single is very uplifting, sweet and the same time I would say powerful.

Check it out:

“Say Yes (Feat. Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland)”


It’s so good to see them together, I love the vocals on this song.


Destiny’s Child is one of those groups that time will never have an effect on it and forever we will enjoy listen to them.

The song is out now if you want to get it.

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