Miley Cyrus – “Bangerz”


I never liked Ms. Cyrus and her Hannah Montana thing. I was too old for that sort of thing and she was never under my radar. I started to sort of notice her more when she released “The Climb” and “Party In The USA” but it was my guilty pleasure, so I kept that as a secret. I would listen and enjoy when I was all alone at home or in the gym but that was it!!!

Then I come across “We Can’t Stop” that sounds very different to her previous records. I didn’t even recognised her voice, I thought it was a new singer, never that I would have guessed that such a cool song, that’s dominating the charts and radio stations everywhere was a Miley Cyrus song.

It was then that she got my full attention. The video for “We Can’t Stop” it is great, fun, simple but yet fresh.

I love it!!!! And now I don’t hide from my friends anymore the I listen to Miley Cyrus.


Getting so hooked on that track, I downloaded her new album called “Bangerz”and here’s my reviews on the tracks that stand out for me:

  1. Adore You: A slow song to open the album that shows some mature vocals and sexy enough lyrics, I like it very much. Her voice sounds soft and calm, even vulnerable.
  2. We Can’t Stop: Not much to say as its performance on the charts remains the same. At the top I say!!! A track that it was made to be a pop classic. Catchy, cool and current.
  3. SMS (Bangerz) (Feat. Britney Spears): A bit of a let down but I still putted on my list because it is cheeky and has Britney in it. I hoped for a big track for this kind of duet. Maybe a fierce video could change that.
  4. 4 by 4 (Feat. Nelly): A random choice of artist to make a duet with Miley if you ask me but it is a good surprise. It works. It has grown on me as I play more.
  5. Wrecking Ball: The big power ballad of the album. I’m all over it!!! Miley’s voice sounds surprisingly powerful and real. A good effort to take a place besides the likes of Beyonce. It is also taking over the charts and the video is causing a lot of polemic.

Check it out:


The tracks I did not mention aren’t bad, they just didn’t grabbed by attention at this stage.

As a pop music lover who as I grow older I’m kind of getting narrow-minded with my likes and dislikes I was surprised with such a cool album from a former Disney star. She’s growing up and working hard to put Hannah Montana to rest forever.


I gave her a chance and I have recommended to friends who shared the same opinions.

“Bangerz” is a good surprise, a breath of fresh air that pop music is in need.


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