Miley Cyrus banned to take her “Bangerz Tour” to the Dominican Republic


Miley, who’s been shocking audiences all over the world with her “Bangerz Tour”, it was set to make a stop in the Dominican Republic on September 13th, to give her fans over there a good time. But the concert has just been cancelled by a government commission.

The country’s government that controls public performances have banned Cyrus to perform in the country based on morality grounds. They said that Cyrus, “UNDERTAKES ACTS THAT GO AGAINST MORALS AND CUSTOMS, WHICH ARE PUNISHABLE BY DOMINICAN LAW.”


Since starting this new tour, Miley has some bad reviews, with some critics describing her as vulgar, and I do think that she pushes “the line” some times, if not most times, less “twerking” and crotch-touching could be done, but at the same time, her audience likes it, she has sold-out concerts wherever she goes.

I feel really sorry for the fans, that suddenly got their bubble of excitement busted.

Quite sad and totally unfair!!!



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