Miley Cyrus had her home burgled, loosing jewelry and hew new Maserati but the police is working hard!!!


Last Friday (30th of May) Miley Cyrus had her Hollywood home broken into by two burglars who took off with some pieces of jewelry, a new Maserati sports car and some other stuff.

That was the second time that her home got attacked by some really nasty people in the past eight months.


Luckily, Miley wasn’t in the house since she’s touring Europe with her “BangerZ Tour” but she lost a new Maserati that costs $102,000. But according to the news, the police have recovered her car!!!

The suspects are said to be a man and a woman and the police is still working hard on the case.

Poor thing!!!

She’s working hard, entertaining the world and this shady people simply attack her private home!!!

Fuck off!!!


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