Miley Cyrus is pure sex-appeal on the cover of “W Magazine”


Walking through Soho in London, totally focused on my music I didn’t recognise the “model” featured on the cover of the latest edition of “W Magazine” but once I went into the shop and had the print in my own hands I realized it was Miley Cyrus…

Shocked? Yes! Excited! Oh God Yes!!!!!

Almost feeling like an underage boy (or gay boy should I say…) just for having such a racy cover in my own hands after having a couple of innocents cupcakes at the “Humming Bird Bakery” in Soho.

She’s looks so different…so mature….so not Miley!!!

The long hair, the wet hair ( that seems the fashion now with some pop starts) and the colour tones of the images, all gave a bit of a vintage touch to it. Even though the outfits weren’t vintage at all.


At least she didn’t stick her tongue out in any of the pics, which I’m sure it would cost her a lot of credibility taking the she is on the cover of a higher class magazine than she’s used to.

But she still manages to leave the Cyrus mark by showing us one nipple while wearing an amazing leather outfit, and she also shows full tits out in bed!!!


The pictures are flawless, everything about it is amazing.

She deserves it…almost need it…we all love it!!!


But one thing we can tell by flicking through the magazine is, that Hannah Montana is a thing of the past and Miley is just growing into an amazing independent and self-assured woman.

The March edition is out….grab yours!!!


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