“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” – Live from the Chicago’s “House of Blues”


The singer showed how badly educated she is during a recent gig at the famous Chicago’s “House of Blues”. She totally disrespected her fans by showing up late and being a total bitch to the fans.

Lauryn arrived over an hour and twenty-minute late to her own concert, showing no respect to the crowd, who probably paid good money to see her.

She didn’t apologise at all for her lateness, much the opposite, instead Hill attacked the audience for their complaints about her lateness.

To makes things worst, they had to watch the late singer ask the security’s venue to escort a fan out of the venue for doing something she wasn’t happy about it.

TMZ released a video of the terrible episode on-line but the quality isn’t so great.

It’s outrageous isn’t it???

Lauryn Hill is just one more artist that have taken the piss out of her fans, with Kanye West disrespecting fans at a London gig.


I think that artists who behave like that should be boycotted.

We should stop buying their albums and not buy tickets for their concerts, so they can learn a lesson and grow to respect their audiences.

Who they think they are to treat us like that??? Being shady with the people who make them who they are is beyond bad!!!

What makes me even more upset is that most of them are so talented.

But if you shady to me… I’ll be shit to you bitch!!!



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