MTV Movie Awards 2014 – The ups and downs


For this year’s show MTV promised the viewers an explosive show, but let me tell you now that I’m still waiting for the explosion. The show I watched yesterday it was ok but definitely not explosive, I’m already throwing shade left and right!!!

The host of the show was Conan O’Brien, who I think should have gone on retirement about 10 years ago, and WTF was he doing hosting a show that its main audience is a rather young one???

It was dreadful!!!

I’m not going to say that it was a total disaster but the people at MTV need to bring back the good old days of the show.

I remember the time when the show was amazing, shocking and exciting. I would stay up until very late to watch the show.

The red carpet was the highlight of the show in my opinion with Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Rita Ora “serving fish” and giving pop realness at its best!!!


The ones who didn’t have any impact on the red carpet or gave us anything were Iggy Azalea, Ellie Goulding and to my surprise Kat Graham, who usually is daring and fierce.

The other two are always a mess, especially Ellie.


Eminem and Rihanna performed for the first time live their massive hit “The Monster” and they killed it!!!


I love the song and the chemistry between them it’s incredible.

Rita Ora was the lucky girl of the evening, she grabbed Zac Efron and ripped his shirt off.

Btw, when did he became a man??? His body is insane, he’s looking so frecking hot!!!


But he still got a lot of growing up to do before he get to look sexy like Nick Lachey, that looked dreamy on the red carpet.


More hotties at the show were, Taylor Hoechlin and Aaron Johnson.


I love Mila Kunis all the way!!! She’s stunning and talented and she’s glowing because of the pregnancy.

Actor and forever hunk Mark Wahlberg, won an award and also made us hot under the collar.


To finish up, I expected a better show from MTV but that’s ok, there’s always next year and they could finally deliver the explosive show they promised.

A lot can happen in one year!!!

Let’s wait…

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