MTV Video Music Awards – The best and the worst of the red carpet!!!


This year, MTV provided one of the best show in a while. I was really impressed, hot artists, amazing performances from beginning to end. Let’s start with the divas who “served it” and the one who were just “pure fish” when they walked the red carpet.

The red carpet, is one of my favourite part of any award ceremony. I love to see what our divas choose to wear, there’s always good surprises and a few of “WTF?” were they thinking!!!

I like to start with the worst ones because it makes the excitement to see which ones “nailed it” more interesting. Like Kelly Rowland, yeah she’s glowing because of her pregnancy but honey what was that dress and that hair-style??? 1972 called and asked for its look back.


And Solange, that a few years back used to be a bit of a fashionista but in recent times, she’s just became a car crash.

Then Jordin Sparks with that boring white dress, I suppose some people dress accordingly to their personality.


Ariana Grande was trying to pay homage to Britney Spears back in 2001, when Brit walked the red carpet of the same even in that slutty biker-girl look. CHEAP is all I can say!!!

I’m still in shock how Taylor Swift’s look is making the best-dressed lists in most websites I looked, how and why??? It looked like she used someone’s curtains to make that outfit and the most important fact is that she doesn’t even have a decent body to pull-off such an outfit.


Another girl who opted for the slutty and cheap biker-girl at this year’s VMA’s was my lovely and now polished Cher Lloyd, such a shame!!!

Katy Perry also was paying homage to a look worn by Britney in a previous VMA, the all denim look it was terrible then and it was terrible now, but in Katy’s defence, she likes to wear “out-of-the-box” looks for red carpet events and the VMA is one of the few red carpet shows where things like that can be done.


My new favourite girl Rita Ora, once again missed the mark with a terrible dress, too long, too slutty and cheap looking. It just makes me sad!!!

But the worst ones were Amber Rose, who for starters, I don’t even know why she was there, she’s not a singer, a rapper or anything important for that matter. Secondly, she’s not cool or edgy like Rose McGowan to pull-off a look like that.


The always slutty looking Kim Kardashian takes the crown as the worst dressed. She managed to make kitchen towels look like an outfit that a retired prostitute would wear it.


Now, let’s move to the brighter side of things!!!

Jessie J and Ke$ha were just some of the pop divas who had the “brilliant” idea of use someone’s curtain as a dress for the 2014 VMA’s red carpet.


Even though, they aren’t my favourite looks, they aren’t bad as the previous pop bitches that I have listed on this post.

Then we have Iggy Azalea, who wore a prom-inspired dress and she missed a spot on my worst-dressed list by a small mark. I don’t know why but I liked her dress.


Gwen Stefani always makes bold fashion choices and most of the times she gets it right. I loved her bright-pink secretary-inspired look. I loved the shoes and the hair-style!!!

Miley Cyrus “nailed it” her look, I loved the sophisticated choice. Such a cool and more mature look, which is a huge step forward for Miley.


The usually boring and “too” Christian, Michelle Williams rocked the red carpet with that sexy and expensive look. From top to bottom, hair, make-up, accessories…

Nicki Minaj continues to surprise me, she has changed so much since her first appearance on MTV’s or any other red carpet event. Minaj’s animal print dress was super cute!!!


The always “divalicious” Laverne Cox, “rocked” the red carpet with that tiny and sparkly dress. And I also loved her make-up and that fierce hair!!!

The “creme-de-la-creme” of the 2014 MTV Video Music was no surprise at all hunties!!!

Of course one of them was the always superb Ms. Jennifer Lopez, that looked like a billion dollars in that stunning dress.


I could write a million words to describe how fierce J.Lo looked!!!

The number one of this year’s show was “Sasha Fierce”, Beyoncé!!!

Mrs. Carter was the winner of the honorary awards of the evening and she looked AH-MA-ZING!!!

They were just…


I hope you don’t think I was too “shady” but I can’t help it of being honest.

Stay tuned for some of our posts about the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards!!!

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