MTV’s TRL will return… only for one day!!!


MTV announced that on July 2nd the popular show “TRL” is going to comeback but only for one day, so I decided to take a look back on cool moments that “TRL” had in the past.

The iconic show used to be the place to go for all major pop-stars, from Hillary Duff to Madonna, they all have appeared and performed on the famous MTV show live in Times Square, NYC.


It was such a shame when the show got cancelled, it was on air for ten years!!!

So, when I read that MTV is bringing the show back I was really excited but then I read that “TRL” is returning for only one day as part of an Ariana Grande countdown special.


Nothing against Ariana Grande, I don’t even know much about her but why they haven’t done a special with any other pop diva???


Since the show ended some divas marked their comebacks to the scene, some of them re-invented themselves, others released important albums and based on recent album sales of major pop acts, some of them could even use a big platform like “TRL” to sell more albums.


It’s impossible some of the hilarious moments on the show, the super awkward pop stars meetings, the styles, haircuts, terrible performances, oh… so much happened on that show, I hope that Ariana’s special brings them good ratings and they decide to keep the show on air!!!

MTV is one of music’s important institutions!!!


The photo collages on this post is just a journey back in time, when TRL was the main music show on television and the show where stars were made.


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