NBC’s “Hairspray Live!” Review + Pictures

After much anticipation NBC finally aired their live production of the iconic musical “Hairspray” last night in the US and tonight was the UK’s turn to be entertained with a three hours long show packed with great songs, fabulous costumes and an amazing cast.

Starring Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kristin Chenoweth, Derek Hough, amongst other cute and talented faces and with newcomer Maddie Baillin, NBC’s production had its minor mishaps here and there but nothing that affected the entertainment factor.

The opening was cute, when the bed splits in the middle and we see that Tracy (Maddie) is not laying down in bed but she’s standing up and ready to kick things off by walking the streets while belting the iconic song “Good Morning Baltimore”.

That’s when the first technical issue is noticed as Maddie’s mic goes off for a few seconds and all we can see is her moving her mouth. Also, during this first number Maddie sort of mumbles some words because she’s kind of loosing breath, in all fairness to her she carried on like a pro but maybe she should’ve trained a bit more for this live production because during some dance numbers I noticed the same thing again.

She was very sweet and adorable, such a good job for a first timer. The cast did an amazing job with a performance full of attitude, sass and energy.

One of the surprises of the evening was Derek Hough, he delivered a smooth and dreamy performance with his “Corny Collins”.

He had some sexy moves and great vocals, he was great!!! So, so, so DREAMY!!!

Dove Cameron and Kristin Chenoweth looked just like mother and daughter and they both did an amazing job, giving the right dose of “mean girls” their characters were all about.

The boy who played Link Larkin fell flat and boring, nothing like the one before him, the handsome Zac Efron.

On the other hand, two guest stars blew me away even though they weren’t much on our screen, they were Rosie O’Donnell and the always brilliant Sean Hayes.

Great actors don’t need big parts to leave an impression right???

Actor Harvey Fierstein slayed from beginning to end as Edna Turnbald and all I can say is that Divine must be proud. He was hilarious (I don’t know why but his voice and mannerisms reminded me of the late Big Ang of VH1’s “Mob Wives) but anyway, also slaying live on camera was Martin Short as Wilbur Turnbald.

Ariana Grande proved once again that she’s more than just a pop singer, her Penny was convincing and sweet. I wish she had been featured a bit more throughout the live show.

The goofiness she gave her Penny was adorable, almost like watching a cute puppy get into mischief.

Grande’s vocals impressed like always, even when she sang a duet with the amazing Jennifer Hudson in one of the most beautiful scenes of the event.

The star of NBC’s “Hairspray Live!”, Ms. Jennifer Hudson!!!

J-Hud stole the show from the moment she first appeared as Motormouth Maybelle. She looked amazing, I loved the blond wig, the outfits and of course the attitude and the voice.

Jennifer never disappoints but she took the experience to a completely different level when she performed the beautiful “I Where I’ve Been”, in a way that only Hudson can do it. I was just beautiful!!!

Her voice and the emotion she puts on every performance always blows me away and I could hear her sing for the rest of my life.

Overall, the show was brilliant from beginning to end. Two issues that were rather distracting were the bad camera execution, in some scenes they seemed lost, they were shaking and not focusing properly.

Also the bad lighting annoyed me, some shots were almost too dark and others filled with shadows, but that’s when my complaints ends.

I love the experience and can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.

I totally recommend the show if you haven’t watched yet.

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