Nene Leakes debut on Cinderella’s Broadway was FIERCE HUNNI!!!


Nene is my favourite “Real Housewife Of” and she keeps proving to the world that she’s more than just a reality television star, from television shows, to Las Vegas and now, to Broadway and I went there last night to check it out Nene’s performance on the Broadway musical “Cinderella”.

Hunties, let me tell you, New York is so cold now that is unbelievable but I love it, this city has so much buzz, it’s electrifying.

Last night, I decided to face the cold streets and go to see Cinderella on Broadway with my hubby, we almost didn’t make it because of traffic, it was terrible, but we ran and got there just in time.


I loved it!!! The first act, it was visible that most of the cast was on high levels of adrenaline, some of the jokes missed the moment and some lines were almost forgotten, but once the first part was done, they came back in full form for the second act.

It was great!!! Nene plays Madame, the evil mother that is nothing but cruel to Cinderella, played by Keke Palmer. One thing that I really enjoyed about this version of Cinderella, was that they made it more “urban”, the jokes weren’t silly at all.


Nene’s take on Madame is fabulous, she’s just like herself in “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”, what I mean is that she’s very drag-queen. I managed to get my phone out and take a quick picture of Nene at the end, she’s fabulous right???

Her manners, her speech, everything… super fierce!!!

It was surprisingly good, it was her second night so I totally get it why she seemed nervous at times.

Nene is amazing!!! She soooooo need to have her own comedy show, just saying…


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