Nene Leakes is the highest paid “Housewife” in the whole franchise of the Bravo show


She was already a favourite “Real Housewife” amongst the fans of the show, myself included, for her incredible fierceness, witty sense of humour and for always keeping it real no matter how popular and successful she became throughout the years but show she’s also the “Housewife” getting the most money per season.

Ms. Leakes is set to sign a new contract that will see her getting a nice $1.5 million per season.

A report done by Bravo executives and NBC are said to recognise her as the most popular housewife of any Bravo franchises of the show.


This piece of news appeared on-line a few weeks before the new season of the Atlanta show starts on November 9th.

Here’s an interview she gave a few months ago where she talks about her success:


Super cool right???

The show would be nothing without her!!!


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