New video alert!!! “Slumber Party” – Britney Spears Featuring Tinashe


I was beginning to think that our pop princess Britney Spears had abandoned the “Glory” era, we waited a rather long time for the next release taken from her latest album and the wait was worth it, I think. Britney just released the music video for the track “Slumber Party” and she’s not alone for the ride, she enlisted R&B sensation Tinashe to feature on the so-called “remix” of “Slumber Party”.

I use the word “remix” loosely, more on that a bit later.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the video is full of sexy and racy shots, choreography and sass. The music video is also very glamorous, glossy, stylish and well-edited from beginning to end.

Britney arrives in a grand mansion ready to party, as she gets out of her car she’s giving a fierce walk and making love to the camera. She walks through the door and take a sexy walk through the party, that is raging by the way, there’s sexy people as far as the eye can see.


Tinashe sings the second verse of the track as she hangs out with Britney in a smokey and decadent room. The divas are wearing sexy and revealing lacy outfits and all they do is get on top of each other, try to give sexy to the camera but in my opinion the scenario gets a bit too close to becoming a lesbian soft porn movie.


Tinashe looks super sexy, fun and fierce. Britney on the other hand, looks like she’s drunk, messy and all over the place. Her makeup is rather heavy and that hair looks thirsty girl. I hate talking shade about our princess but sometimes it has to be said squirrel friends!!!


The dance routine is fierce and fiery even though Brit looks a bit stiff and lost in some small parts of the choreography, Tinashe nails it by serving bags of attitude and sexy appeal. Things get a bit lesbian action again during the dance shots.


Speaking about Tinashe, I want to put one thing out there: WHAT WAS THE POINT OF HAVING HER FEATURED ON “SLUMBER PARTY”?

The reason I say this is because her vocal contribution is so little, she could easily be missed if there was no video to promote the alleged “remix” as her vocals appears  on top of Britney’s vocals, she only sings the second verse and its original lyrics and apart from a few ad-limbs here and there her participation seems pointless. I think the final product is lazy and weak.

The highlight of “Slumber Party” are the shots of Britney doing her sexy thing while crawling on top of that table towards the handsome hunk that we see following her through the house party. She looks amazing, with hair and makeup on point for a change.


She really delivers what we expect from her on those shots, even when she drinks milk out of the table she looks fucking sexy, all while the hunk enjoys the private show.


She looks SUPER HOT!!!

The video ends with Britney and Tinashe looking, feeling, giving sexy and sass while laying down on top of a pile of sexy bodies.

Anyway, “Slumber Party” is one of the standout track of “Glory” and even with its faults the music video delivers everything a Britney fan needs in life. It’s very Britney from beginning to end without a doubt.

I would like to point out that I thought that “Slumber Party” has a few similarities with some of Britney’s old videos, more specifically “Boys” and “My Prerogative”, like editing, styling and being over sexual.

No T, No Shade squirrel friends, just my sincere opinions.

I hope that Britney is getting ready to release some fresh life and bring new fire behind “Glory”, which is her best album in years and it would be amazing if she gave us great music videos for tracks like “Private Show”, “Clumsy” and “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)”.

You can watch “Slumber Party” here!!! In only two days the video had over 10 million views on YouTube

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