Nick Jonas has grown-up and is now a hot hunk on the cover of Flaunt Magazine!!!


I’m not a fan, I only know of him as some Disney star but it was impossible to miss his latest work (If I can put it that way) posing for the November issue of Flaunt magazine.

Nick Jonas became a sensation as part of some Disney movie or television show, I’ve got no idea but as a pop culture lover I have heard of him and his other brothers before but I never got into it, is not my cup of tea at all for many, many reasons but once I saw those pictures my mind raced and I couldn’t control myself and decided to post about it.


He’s the cover of Flaunt magazine that will be out soon and his photo shoot is far from anything that Disney will ever release.


The pictures are definitely grown-up, sexy, appealing, hot, well I could go on and on and on….


Hot right???

I should start pay more attention to the Disney channel!!! LOL


Apparently he’s got a single out, I’ll be buying if the music video is anything like that photo shoot!!!


Now I know why teenage girls scream their lungs out wherever he goes…


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