Nicki Minaj releases the much talked about video for the song “Only” (Feat. Chris Brown, Drake and Lil’ Wayne) – It’s FIERCE!!!


With the release of her third album “The Pinkprint”, Nicki Minaj is turning EVERYTHING UP to promote the album and with that said, we finally can take a look at the polemic music video for the single “Only”, in which all of Nicki’s boys are featured heavily.

“Only” is a strong and powerful track, so I think that its music video should also have those qualities and Nicki did exactly that.

The video has strong images, the photography and styling of the video are just amazing, with this new video the lines were crossed, the envelope has been well pushed.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis (she also did “Bang Bang”), the video has Nicki playing a dominatrix in a crazy sex-party sort of place and surrounded by hot models, they all have a zombie/vampire look about it. Shots of gas masks, handcuffs, blood and craziness, you find plenty from beginning to end.


Nicki’s attitude throughout the video is super fierce, she’s FABULOUS!!! The boys are also insane, with Chris Brown being the one who looks the creepier.

The video was uploaded about 10 hours ago and since then it passed the 100,000 views mark, I’m sure that by the next day or so this number is going to multiply.

So, here it is the AMAZING music video for “Only”:


Good or what???


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