Nicki Minaj talks about her new album


The fierce rapper Nicki Minaj reveals more information about her new upcoming album during an interview with MTV NEWS and it’s all rather exciting, to say the least!!!

She has a new look, less drag-queen and more hip-hop royalty, that according to Nicki herself, “IS NOT A MAKEOVER, IT’S COMING FULL CIRCLE.”

When she walked the red carpet recently at the “MTV Movie Awards” I was in shock and impressed with the new look, she looked amazing, pure realness!!!


The new album “The Pink Print” don’t have a scheduled release date but it’s coming soon that’s for sure.

I am still obsessed with the first single, the powerful and strong “Lookin Ass”, which has strong lyrics and a beat that’s very strong.

“Lookin Ass” came out with a video that is SICKENING!!! Nicki looks amazing on the black and white, simple but powerful video that is a perfect example that sometimes less is more.

When asked if on the new album the fans will find songs like “Starships” or “Super Bass”, Nicki Minaj was very straight to the point saying: “HELL NO!”


She also said that “The Pink Print” is a return to her rap roots, and I love when Nicki is all proper, full on gangster!!!

If the songs on the new album are heavy and powerful like “Lookin Ass”, my excitement about her new album just doubled up.

Bring it on “The Pink Print”.


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