Nicole Scherzinger releases “Your Love”


With “Your Love” Nicole hopes to establish herself as a solo singer in the US, her last album “Killer Love” wasn’t even released over there.

Not long ago, Nicole signed a new contract with RCA Records and since then she’s been focused and working hard to make her solo career really happen.

She’s a super talented music star but still, she hasn’t really made it as a solo singer even though she released two album and some fierce tracks that only achieved moderate success.

Her new single “Your Love” is her latest attempt to take the top of the charts.


“Your Love” is well produced and trendy, a sort of modern chewing-gum pop.

The part where she sings “do do do do do” is super catchy.

The lyric video appeared yesterday on her Youtube/Vevo channel.


Only time will tell how “Your Love” is going to do in the charts.

“Your Love” is out on July 13th on iTunes.

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