Nicole Scherzinger “twerked” her soul on stage at London’s G-A-Y Club


Nicole took the stage of the famous venue last night (Monday, 15th of July) to perform a small set to promote her new single “Your Love” and besides looking fabulous, the diva also gave her fans a closer look to her “twerking” technique.

The Pussycat Dolls lead singer was giving jungle “realness” with her sparkly number that had animal print all over it.

She had a hot troupe of dancers with her on stage and according to fans who were at the venue, the diva gave it all and put an amazing show.


Nicole was in full-form and she was so relaxed and enjoying the moment that she let herself go, getting nasty, down and dirty when performing her new single, “Your Love”.


The pictures keep popping all over the web and in some of them, we get to see more than we expected, I don’t think I have ever seen Scherzy in the sort of form.

Not even in the good old days of PCD, when she could have behaved rather slutty and it wouldn’t be noticed.


Nicole gave the audience hot shots of her beautiful and famous backside.

Oh God, cut to moi talking about a woman having a beautiful backside!!!!

But I give it to her, she “twerked” like a professional, almost putting the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to shame!!!


Scherzinger’s set list was allegedly made of: Club Banger Nation, Poison, Whatever You Like, Buttons/Jai Ho!, Baby Love, Right There, Your Love, Don’t Cha and Don’t Hold Your Breath.

Her energy is insane!!! During the mega-hit “Whatever U Like” she “shuts da fucking house down”!!!

Learn from the master bitches!!!

The video of Nicole “tweaking” is going viral on the web, everyone is loving it!!! It’s super FIERCE!!!

We got a bit of “Whatever U Like”:




And the amazing moment when the diva “TWERKED” her soul out honey!!!!!


Guuuuurrrrllll bye!!!!!

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