Nicole Scherzinger uses her acting skills on the video for “On The Rocks”


Nicole has just released the second single taken off her upcoming album, the song “On The Rocks” also comes with an interesting video, that is dividing opinions.

The video shot in black and white, is simple, not much (if any) production was involved, the set is pretty much the same and it is like they putted a camera in a room and got a couple getting into an argument.


No need to say that Nicole looks stunning even when she’s crying her eyes out, I would also like to point out that her acting skills are not so bad.


My only problem is, I don’t think that “On The Rocks” was a good choice as a second single because is quite a slow song, a bit too melancholic and as a follow-up of “Your Love”, this new song has everything to struggle on the charts.

And that is a step always taken by Nicole when promoting her solo material, the song choices are most of the times quite poor. “On The Rocks” sounds like a song that should she decide to release at all, should be the last single.

The song is good, not amazing, not cool like “Your Love” but if that was her choice, as a fan I’ll support her, even if I have to fake it.


What can we do???

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