Nicole Scherzinger – “Your Love” (Music video + Club Mix)


The rain decided to come down on full power today in NYC but to bring sunshine to this grey day, our beautiful Nicole Scherzinger has posted on Vimeo her brand new music video “Your Love”, the track is the lead single from her new album, which still doesn’t have a title or a release date.

“Your Love” is the first song Nicole is releasing since signing a $5 million record deal with Sony Music and if the gods are watching (girl deserve more recognition!!!), with her new material Nicole is going to break the US market and get the recognition as a solo artist that she frecking deserves.

The new single is super catchy, delicious to listen to and it definitely will put a smile on your face!!!

Nicole has been really careful and protective when it comes to her new album, she wants the fans to feel how important and personal this new album is for her.

I always loved her solo material and never quite understood why she never became “HUGE” and I hate when people keep throwing shade to a super talented singer.

The video is cool, in some aspects is like “Baby Love”, she’s on the beach, flirting with the camera, rolling on the beach and all that, I’m not saying it’s bad, that is just my humble opinion. No shade!!!

Watch “Your Love” now:


As an extra since it is Monday and we all hate Mondays, I’m posting a delicious remix of “Your Love” that is going to make you bounce guurrlll!!!

Turn the volume up!!!


“Your Love” has everything to become this year’s summer hit!!!


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