Nicole Scherzinger’s new single “Run” – What a voice!!!


Nicole’s new album is coming out later this month in the UK and so far has given us two hot singles, “Your Love” and “On The Rocks” but the diva has started to warm-up for the American release of the album “Big Fat Lie” in the shape of the beautiful single “Run”.

“Big Fat Lie” is scheduled to be released on October 20th for the UK fans and an American date for the release hasn’t been announced yet.


But the US fans are about to get the first single taken from her third album, “Run”, a beautiful and deep ballad, in which Nicole’s powerful vocals are showcased incredibly.


I’m not a fan of releasing a ballad as a first single, many divas tend to do such a thing and the results normally aren’t the expected.

In Nicole’s case, I think it is even more tricky to release a powerful ballad straight-away since she’s still struggling to get the recognition as a solo artist that she deserves on the other side of the pond.

Nicole is known for more uptempo and fierce songs, I’m not throwing not a hint of shade on “Run” but I think that a pop friendly song should have been chosen to hit the US radios to start the promotion of “Big Fat Lie”.

“Your Love” did well in the UK and with a good promotional agenda could have done well in the American market.

The song and the video are very good and super catchy.

“Run” will also be released internationally and fingers crossed, it will do well all over the globe!!!


I’m a sucker for a melodramatic song, so “Run” is already on my playlist.

What do you think???

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