OMFG!!! Jessica Simpson caught on camera totally wasted!!!


Jessica Simpson is a very busy and hard-working mom and celebrity, so sometimes she deserves a good night out right? Last night she went out partying and perhaps drank a bit too much. Check it out…

TMZ have uploaded a video showing a rather tipsy Jessica Simpson as she was entering a nightclub called Warwick in Hollywood with husband-to-be Eric Johnson and some friends/assistants last night, Sunday 8th of June.


It is quite funny I have to say, check it out:


I don’t want to be horrible, we’ve all have been there but the faces she pulls, her crazy eyes, she barely could stand up, I’m sorry but it’s frecking funny!!!

Maybe the “Weight Watchers” diet needs a change…

Jessica I hope that you hangover is not too bad today!!!

I know exactly how it feels but remember…

…that a “LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY”!!! (See what I did there?LOL!)

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