Paris Hilton is back!!! New track and new video!!!


Paris Hilton – “Good Time (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)”

Well, let me start saying that if I was Paris Hilton with all the contacts and all that money to invest or waste (depending on how you see it) in a music career, I soooooooooo would do it as well!!! Yet, I’m not excusing her for the simple fact that she CAN’T SING OK HONEY!!!

If for anything, I like her because she doesn’t care and just enjoy herself.

She has just released a new track called “Good Time” on which Lil’ Wayne features and was also one of the producers.

What can I say? The song is very Ibiza, very tacky and Lil’ Wayne’s part on it could not be more misplaced. The song sounds like a very early demo that was released by accident but to my surprise the song peaked at number 18 on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic chart.


She’s either paying for that or teenage-girls and gay boys in America are missing some screws!!!

When she released her first album a few years ago, I did really enjoyed “Stars Are Blind”, “Turn It Up” and “Fightin’ Over Me” but I never thought that she would try again taking that she didn’t become a household name in pop music, for the obvious reasons!!! Let me be a bit shady ok!!!


This new track also comes with a video that is bad and tacky as the song is it. Filmed in a mansion in Ibiza is basically the most plastic pool-party I’ve ever seen.


Rumour has it, there’s more music to come from Paris Hilton to our delight (Okay….). Let’s wait and see what she will do next.


My library is always open for some good reading (if you know what I mean…), so bring it on Paris…


Love ya!!! XOXO

But I will…


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