Phaedra Parks divorces Apollo Nida shortly after he started his prison sentence


Back in May, fans of the Atlanta franchise of the “Real Housewives” were shocked when it was announced that one of the show’s star, sexy hunky Apollo Nida was being charged for bank fraud.

That announced was just the beginning of a huge media frenzy around the sexiest member of the show and obviously his wife Phaedra Parks, one of the oldest cast-members, one of the fiercest and unfortunately, their two little boys.

Phaedra continued filming the show, even though her home-life was upside down, I can only imagine!!!

Fair enough for her, putting a brave face, continuing with her commitments, her many business running, raising two young boys and etc…

The only thing that I don’t understand is how Phaedra has the audacity of saying that she didn’t knew a single thing about his crimes???

She’s a lawyer, she lived with him, she must have noticed the amount of money or documents getting into and out of their house. Smells a bit fishy to me!!!

In May he pleaded guilty and the judge gave Nida an eight-year prison sentence, still there she was promising to be by his side and bla bla bla….


The same day that Apollo began his time in prison she files for divorce. Seriously???

What about loyalty???

Apollo, we going to miss you!!!

And we thank you for some of the sexiest selfies ever posted on any social media platform!!!

Some friends of mine can’t get enough on imagining all the types of fun that he’s going to get himself into during his eight-years sentence.

He’s going to be popular, that I can guarantee.

Apollo is FINE!!!!


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