Pitbull teases new song with friend Jennifer Lopez!!! I smell a hit!!!

Pitbull’s new album “Climate Change” comes out tomorrow (March 17th) and is packed with big names as featured artists including old friend Jennifer Lopez who features in “Sexy Body”, a hot and sexy track that has everything to become the pair next chart topper.

Mr. Worldwide and J.Lo have enjoyed success with fierce songs like “On The Floor”, “Dance Again” and “Booty”, so I’m not being unreasonable by expecting “Sexy Body” to become one our favourite hair flipping, booty shaker, lip-syncing battle winner tracks.

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

Besides J.Lo, “Climate Change” features Enrique Iglesias, R. Kelly, Robin Thicke, Leona Lewis and more.

I love the sound and the sexy vibe of their new song. For sure is a perfect change from the fast pace of their previous hits.

I cannot wait to get hold of the full version!!!

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