Pop divas dominated the 2014 Capital FM Summertime Ball in London!!! Part 02


On the second part of WTT’s review of the Capital FM Summertime Ball that happened last night (Saturday, 21st of June) at Wembley Stadium in London, we’re covering two of the biggest female artists in both sides of the pond, Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea!!!

Rita Ora got a lot of attention both on her arrival and on stage for her very revealing outfits for the evening.

Rita arrived at the venue wearing Moschino see-through cycling shorts and top, showing how amazing her body is and maybe trying to show her ex, dj Calvin Harris (who also performed) what he’s missing out.


On stage the see-through theme continued but this time with a touch of “red riding hood”, she looked amazing let me just say that,

I loved the pulled-back hair, the fierce eye-brows. Her energy was very good. I’m starting to like Rita Ora recently, she’s improving since I first heard of her.

Her set was short but fierce, “RIP/How We Do” (medley) and “I Will Never Let You Down”.


The “it” girl of the moment, the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea was one of the main attractions of the evening, she’s becoming such a massive pop star, it’s crazy!!!


Azalea did a really good job during her set at the ball last night, her super hit single “Fancy” drove the audience crazy.

The crowd was shouting “I-G-G-Y” just like she does on the song, with her friend and the singer featured in “Fancy” Charlie XCX also marking her presence at the huge concert.

Iggy was giving legs for the days honey, she looked HOT!!! The only bad thing about Iggy’s set, it was too short, she only sang one “frecking” song. Such a waste!!!


If you want more information about the divas performances go to Capital FM’s website.

Just go to capitalfm.com/summertime-ball-2014

This year has been AMAZING!!!

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