Pop divas still surprises us with their make-up free selfies


This month so far, we’ve seen three beautiful pop divas showing us their “inner-beauty” if I can described it that way. They have shared with the world pictures where they can be seen wearing nothing but a smile, or just pouting and looking fabulous, totally make-up free.

In the beginning of the month, Beyoncé posted another selfie a “la naturale” on her Instagram account.

We’ve seen a few selfies of Queen B looking flawless totally “clean” but this one I think is probably the best one.

Jessica Simpson also shared with the world another “clean” selfie, while enjoying her honeymoon with Eric Johnson, Simpson uploaded her make-up free picture. Even though she looks super serious on the shot, her natural southern beauty.


The most recent one was Jennifer Lopez, she looks sooo good, I don’t know why but when I look at that make-up free, momma, beautiful latina diva, my heart feels warm.


Maybe is because her son is like trying to get in the shot as well, he’s so cute, or maybe is the vibe, oh, I don’t know… It’s silly I know!!!

Anyway, they prove that they are hot with shit loads of make-up or completely plain!!!



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