“RHOA” Porsha Williams mugshot is “pure realness”


It has been a while since news broke that Porsha and Kenya Moore, stars of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” took things to another level while shooting a reunion show. I mean, things got “Olivia Newton-John” (Physical I mean…) over there with Porsha being charged with assault.

According to reports the situation got so out of hand that crew, producers and even Andy Cohen got involved.

They were on each others face big time and poor Cynthia was sitting in the middle.

She probably felt terrified but still looking classy and composed!!!


Once Porsha received her arrest warrant, she turned herself in to the police quickly and not long after that she was out on a $2 thousand bail.

Her mug shot leaked already and is just fabulous I have to say.

Of course that the princess Porsha looks fierce on the picture.


Andy Cohen and producers at Bravo are not happy with the incident and they might do something to shake things up.

Time will tell what’s going to happen but for now  Porsha is showing us that even if you are in jail is no excuse to let your FIERCENESS go!!!

You gotta love them!!!


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