“RHONYC” star Ramona Singer has had enough and leaves Mario Singer


Last Thursday (August, 7th), one of my favourite “Real Housewives of New York” stars Ramona, took to Twitter that her marriage with Mario Singer is over it for good. That’s very sad but we were expecting that, in fact, I thought that would have happened sooner.

Her Tweet was direct and yet “positive”.


Many fans have shown their support after Ramona revealed the news on Twitter, which is no surprise, she must be going through a hard time. Their marriage cracks became public back in January, even though the relationship has been stormy since 2013.

Mario started to cheat on Ramona with Kasey Dexter and “In Touch” magazine photographed them having dinner on August 2nd in New York.


The magazine also published, “SHE THREW MARIO OUT IN LATE JULY,” according to a source that is close to Ramona.

Ramona has changed her Facebook picture from a family photo of them two and their daughter Avery, to a picture of just her with Avery.

“In Touch” also published that, “ONCE AGAIN, MARIO MADE A FOOL OUT OF RAMONA”, also added by the source.

I hope that she’s not going all like…


Ramona my love, remember your own words…


Ramona, you are a strong woman, don’t let this get to you too much. It’s his loss honey!!!


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