Ricky Martin looks super hot and dreamy while on holiday in Ibiza!!!


Ricky Martin has been spotted with his new boyfriend and a friend enjoying what is left of the summer in Ibiza. Warning: THE FOLLOWING PICTURES ARE HOT!!!

Ricky Martin is for sure a very busy guy, he’s actively involved with a few charities around the world and for quite a while now he’s been touring the globe with his fantastic “One World Tour”, which it’s packed with some of his biggest hits like “She Bangs”, “Livin’ La Vida Loca”, “Vuelve” and the most recent “La Mordidita”.

So it’s only fair that he takes some time off here and there right??? It’s a win win situation because every time he goes on a holiday, we get to see some pictures of the singer relaxing while wearing very little clothing and that’s always a very good thing.

The hot couple and their female friend (apparently she’s famous in Spain) can be seeing enjoying a hot summer day on a private yacht around the famous island.


Ricky Martin looks good, I mean, GOOOOOOOD!!! He’s like a very expensive bottle of wine that gets better and better as time passes by. I mean, really!!!

Ricky and his new man, Jwan Yosef made their relationship public back in April if I’m not wrong and since then, things seem to be going well for the couple.


They both look happy and loving each other’s company. The pop icon looks relaxed and confident while showing off his hot body and taking a dip in the water.


The hot and romantic pictures of Ricky’s holiday are making its round through the web, melting hearts all over the world and making some of us very jealous.

So, let’s all just take a deep breath and indulge on those lovely pictures…


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