Ricky Martin – “Vida” (For the 2014 World Cup)


The “sex bomb” Ricky Martin released his second song for the football competition that will take place in Brazil this year. Yesterday the song “Vida” and its music video were officially released and let me tell you, the song is great and the video is, how can I say that… YUMMY!!!

Back in 1998 Ricky sang “The Cup Of Life” for the FIFA World Cup and it was then that he became a global superstar, so he’s no stranger when it comes to sing powerful anthems for a global competition.

Even though I prefer “The Cup Of Life” for its catchy chorus and sensual vocals, “Vida” is a great song that fits perfectly the Ricky Martin swagger and the Brazilian vibe.

The bilingual song is extremely uplifting and contagious.

The music video shot in Rio de Janeiro and shows Ricky Martin having a party on the beach surrounded by beautiful people, they dance on the streets of Rio while a super sexy Ricky sings and make love to the camera.


Ricky Martin is like wine, the older he gets, more tasty he is.

You can see it for yourself on the video.


In certain shots of “Vida” he looks so good that my laptop screen almost melted!!!


I almost “creamed” my pants when I first saw him wearing that sexy vest.



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