Rihanna hits the night of 4th of July wearing basically a night-gown!!!


Most stars who celebrated the US independence day this past weekend, opted for outfits with the so famous flag printed on it, with stars and stripes all over, something like that, you get it right… but our Riri opted for something that it was red, I give that but it wasn’t your first idea of a dress, if you can call that a “dress”.

Rihanna was out in West Hollywood wearing a very red lacy dress that was, let’s say “delicate”. The dress, besides being very short (which is nothing new when it comes to Rihanna), was see-through (I know…I know…) and it looked more like a nightgown!!!

It was fierce ok, I’m not throwing shade at Riri, no way, never honey but I believe that she founded that dress in the “sleepwear” rack.


The matching heels and the make-up and the hair was EVERYTHING!!!

The only bad thing I have to say about the scenario is, girl, if you going to wear something like that, own it and don’t cover it up when leaving the club ok!!!

Apart from that… Rihanna you know how to serve it and we love you for that!!!

Is not any diva who can pull that off!!!


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