Rihanna is looking amazing on the cover of Vanity Fair!!!


Rihanna is the star of Vanity Fair’s November issue and is no surprise that she looks absolutely fantastic in every picture taken for the issue but one thing that surprised me is the actual interview she gave for the magazine, very honest, down to earth and just real.

The stunning pictures were taken by the legendary Annie Leibovitz in various locations around the Cuban capital Havana and every picture is vibrant, strong, sexy, in other words, very Rihanna.

Rihanna still has the fierce red hair as she posed in some stunning outfits and even naked in some classic Cuban places. The shot of her in a red bar, next to a classic red car is one of my favourites.


Amazing pictures set aside, the overall article/interview is actually really good. Even though most of the information is nothing new to the diva’s fans, the thing shows Rihanna in a different light I think. Rihanna opens up about a lot of touchy subjects including Chris Brown.


I actually enjoyed reading what Rihanna thinks about fame, relationships and life in general without that barrier and attitude that some stars of her magnitude tend to portray when interviewed for magazines like VF. It felt fresh, honest and open.


The article covers everything anyone (fan or not) could be interested about the super diva, with that said I think that they should have covered a bit more what’s happening about Rihanna’s eight album. Maybe they did it but Rihanna’s team edited out or maybe this new album is just that messy, who knows???


I’m not here to throw shade at the diva, I love her but at the same time this long wait for the so-called “R8” is getting a bit exhausting. It is almost if she’s focusing on being a model than a singer these days right…

I totally recommend you guys to grab a copy of this issue, besides being interesting is for sure a collector’s item.


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